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Taney County Time Bank

TCTB Babysitting Co-op

What is the TCTB Babysitting Co-op?

The TCTB Babysitting Co-op is a network of Appleseed families who exchange free babysitting for after school hours, snow days, holidays, or weekends. 

Through the Taney County TimeBank (TCTB) and our online system, ACA parents can request and accept specific babysitting times: during the day, at night, on the weekend, or on holidays. 

Unlike a one-on-one babysitting swap, members are not obligated to return sits to a particular member.  Parents may offer and request sits according to their own schedule with any member in the TimeBank. 

The TimeBank is perfect for parents who would like to have dependable adults watch their children, meet other families in the school, and save money.

How does it work?

The Co-op works on the TimeDollar exchange, where TCTB gives each family that joins the TimeBank 5 TimeDollars for joining (worth 5 hours of babysitting or other offers). 

You spend TimeDollars when someone babysits for you, and you earn TimeDollars when you babysit (or fulfill other tasks) for someone else. One TimeDollar=One hour of sitting

TimeDollars, exchanges, and contacts are managed through the Taney County Time Bank and our web service called

To find a babysitter, you submit a request using the website, and an e-mail is automatically sent to every member.  Members submit their availability and you choose who will watch your children. EVERYONE who joins must complete a background check.


TCTB Babysitting Co-op Rules                   

Babysitting Co-op Membership   Only TCTB members are eligible to use the Babysitting Co-op.

 Organization The Babysitting Co-op meets when the TCTB holds events/meetings/potlucks. Members are required to attend at least four meetings/events per year.

Attendance is strongly encouraged at all events/meetings/potlucks as means of maintaining and strengthening the Co-op community.  You earn one TimeDollar for every event attended (and two TimeDollars if you bring a friend to join the TimeBank).  Names of attendees will be taken and drawn in a raffle for 5 free TimeDollars at every event.

Rules for Co-op Members

  1. Members are expected to keep their contact information current. Changes in work/cell/home numbers,  email contact information, address, etc should be noted on the TCTB website.
  1. Members should attempt to use the Co-op at least once a month, either by requesting or accepting a sit or other exchange.
  2. Members should make note on the website when they are unable for sits/exchanges (ie. on vacation). Members are also responsible for posting other information: pets, allergies, preferences for non-smokers, etc.                 
  1. Except for extenuating circumstances, a member’s TCTB account may be “disabled” if any of the following conditions are not met:
    1. payment of TCTB annual dues ($25.00)
    2. quarterly meeting attendance
    3. abiding by these Co-op rules, in addition to those of the TCTB Handbook
    4. acting responsibly toward other families in the TimeBank.
  1. If a member forgets a sit (is a NO SHOW), the sitter shall pay the value of the planned sit to the inconvenienced hostess. The hostess shall notify TCTB of the incident to make record of it. Repeated offenses may result in a member being asked to leave the Babysitting Co-op.
  2. Leaving the TimeBank/Co-op: Members are expected to return the 5 free TimeDollars they received from the ShareBank upon joining.  To reimburse the ShareBank and leave in good-standing, the member should leave a balance of 5 TimeDollars in their TCTB online account.
  3. TERMS: Host/hostess--the person “paying” TimeDollars for a babysitter

                     Sitter--the person “earning” TimeDollars for babysitting

                     A Sit-- a babysitting “job” either at the hostess’ or sitter’s home (or other location)

Rules/Procedures for the Sit

How to arrange a sit:   A TCTB member who needs a sitter posts the request (as far in advance as possible), stating the sit date, the start time, and the approximate length of the sit.

When a member submits a request (of any kind), an e-mail with the details is automatically sent to all TCTB members.  Members reply if they are available, and the host selects the sitter.  When a sit is filled, the host should indicate this on the website.

Specifics of the Sit:

  1. Time is figured in quarter hours. 
  2. Double time is charged between 5:00 and 7:00pm and after 12:30am.
  3. The sitter earns a minimum of three (3) hours for Friday/Saturday nights (ie. even if less than 3 hrs are needed).
  4. Location of the sit and other details are generally determined by the hostess.
  5. Members may arrange babysitting to take place at either home.  However, if the babysitter drives to the other member’s home, she shall be compensated with TimeDollars (e.g., 30 minutes travel = ½ TimeDollar). 
  6. Sitters should arrive 5 minutes early. Hostesses should be prompt in returning.
  7. If children will be at the sitter’s home during the day, they must bring a packed lunch or snack.
  8. At the completion of the sit, the hostess and sitter will agree on the exact number of TimeDollars owed. Time is figured by quarter hours, always to the advantage of the sitter. (For example, if the hostess returns home at 8:05pm, time is computed until 8:15pm.) Unless other arrangements are made, it is the sitter’s responsibility to close the sit via
  9. If the hostess has children other than her own in her home, it is figured as two separate sits for the sitter, who then receives double TimeDollars for the sit.


  1. A hostess canceling a sit within 24 hours beforehand, must pay the scheduled sitter one TimeDollar, unless the sit was scheduled for a weekend (Friday at 5:00pm through Sunday at midnight), then the sitter will receive two TimeDollars. 
  2.  A sitter canceling within 24 hours, must pay the hostess one TimeDollar, for the inconvenience, unless the sit was scheduled for a weekend (Friday at 5:00pm through Sunday at midnight), then the hostess will receive two TimeDollars. 

Policies for the Hostess:

  • When the sitter notifies the hostess that the sit is accepted, the hostess should confirm the date, time and approximate duration of the sit.
  • The hostess must notify the sitter before the sitter arrives if a child is sick. The sitter has the option of declining the sit without penalty.
  • Children should be fed and ready for bed when the sitter arrives for an evening sit. Hostesses should not have children take long, late naps so they can stay up late with the sitter.
  • If the hostess finds it impossible to return within 10 minutes of the time contracted with the sitter, the hostess must call the sitter and advise them to this effect.
  • The hostess must leave a telephone number where to be reached in case of an emergency, cell number, and also the numbers of the family doctor and a neighbor.
  • The following courtesies should be extended to sitters:
    1. Familiarize them with any bed/naptime rituals such as snacks, lights on, bedroom doors open.
    2. Leave a light snack for the sitter and have coffee, tea or a cold drink available.
    3. If it is going to be a late sit, leave a blanket and pillow for the sitter.

Safety and Care Standards

 (in signing this document, the TCTB member agrees to the following safety and care standards) 

  1. Each member will give the sitter a written list of care instructions for their child(ren), highlighting allergies or medical conditions, feeding instructions, and emergency contacts EACH TIME THEIR CHILD IS LEFT WITH A BABYSITTER.
  2. When a participant in the TCTB Babysitting Co-op agrees to watch another family’s child(ren), they are PERSONALLY AND DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the care of that child(ren). They must not transfer care to relatives, friends, other babysitters, neighbors, etc., except in an extreme emergency. 
  3. If there is an illness in either family, the participants must inform each other so that responsible decisions can be made about the sitting arrangement.
  4. The sitter will not take children out in a car without prior approval of the parent, except in an extreme emergency. Seat belts and child restraints/seats must be used at all times.
  5. All homes are to be child-proofed to the best of each family’s ability.
  6. There is to be no physical discipline of any kind. And suspected neglect or abuse will be grounds for exclusion from the TCTB, and may further be reported to the proper authorities.
  7. It is expected that each family will provide the same careful and gentle supervision that they give their own children.
  8. Up-to-date CPR & 1st Aid certifications are highly recommended for participants. If this is a concern, it is the responsibility of the parent requesting a sit to ask about the status of certifications.



I understand that the Taney County Time Bank Babysitting Co-op is an independent organization from Appleseed Christian Academy.  As such, I understand and agree that Appleseed Christian Academy cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury that occurs as a result of babysitting activity through the Taney County Time Bank. 


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