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Taney County Time Bank

Terms of Service

TimeBanks USA Terms of Service

TimeBanking is designed to encourage connections between community members on the basis that everyone has something to give and everyone has needs. TimeBank members commit to "give and receive" using Time Credits earned and spent. The "golden rule" of TimeBanking is this: An hour of my time is equal to an hour of your time. One hour of service given earns one time credit. For one hour of service received, pay one time credit.

A commitment to the core values helps people to get into the spirit of TimeBanking and helps keep that spirit alive.

  1. Assets: Everyone has something to offer;
  2. Redefining Work: Building home, family and community is valued work;
  3. Reciprocity: Encouraging givers to receive – and receivers to give – builds trust and resiliency and sharing;
  4. Community: We are stronger together;
  5. Respect: Respect is the root of equality.

I understand that the function of Taney County Time Bank is to facilitate the exchange of services within the community in the spirit of the core values of TimeBanking. It is my responsibility to use the same caution I would in other circumstances to get to know a person, make reference checks, and use my instincts before engaging with another TimeBank participant - especially for babysitting, elder care, and driving.

I understand that any agreements shall be made solely by and between parties involved in this transaction. TimeBanks USA and Taney County Time Bank will not be held responsible and will not assume any liability for claims, damages, or any other consequences which may arise from this arrangement.

I understand that TimeBanks USA and Taney County Time Bank shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to loss, damage, or injury caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by information contained on this web site or any other TimeBank resources. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless all parties who facilitate or participate in TimeBank exchanges.

I agree that this site is not to be used for buying and selling and trading in illegal goods and services.

This site provides information that may reveal aspects of members’ lives that they wish to keep private. For that reason, I pledge not to reveal any of the contents of this site that are associated with any members’ personal information.

I understand that I will receive messages from other members of my TimeBank through this web site. Notification of such messages will be sent to the email address I have registered with. I also understand that I will receive newsletters, broadcasts and alerts for my TimeBank from my Coordinator(s) through this web site.

I have read these guidelines and agreements and I agree to abide by these core values, rules, and guidelines provided by TimeBanks USA and Taney County Time Bank for proper and courteous behavior. I pledge to proceed with good intent towards being of service to others in my community and treat others in the TimeBank with respect and kindness.

Terms of Service


_____I understand that the references, employers, and volunteer organizations I have provided will be contacted and    

            that the Taney County TimeBank will do a background check on applicants.

_____I consent to the release of all relevant information concerning my ability and fitness to work as a Taney

           County TimeBank member.

_____ I understand that my contact information and selected information from my enrollment form will be published in

            the Taney County Time Bank member/services directories (on our web site) and shared with other Taney County

           Time Bank members.

_____ Members of the TimeBank offer neighborly services or skills to one another as volunteers. The TimeBank is a

            coordinating agency only; it is not responsible for the services performed by TimeBank members. Members

            provide services to the best of their ability and do not guarantee their work. Prior to receiving a service, it is my

            responsibility to ascertain the competency of the server to deliver that service to my satisfaction.

_____ I understand that expenses for any materials used will be the responsibility of the recipient, and expenses will

           be agreed upon before the service is delivered.

_____ I understand that the Taney County TimeBank cannot be held responsible for any injury to persons or 

           damage to property experienced while involved with the program. The applicant hereby agrees to hold the   

           Taney County TimeBank, as well as its employees and/or agents harmless from any and all claims or 

           liabilities for any work performed hereunder by a TimeBank volunteer.

_____ I understand that Taney County Time Bank does not assess anyone’s skills and I agree that if requesting a service requiring a

            licensed professional I must only accept service from a licensed professional.  Further, I agree that if I am providing a service

           that requires a professional license, I have a valid current license.

_____ I agree to take responsibility for any accident or injuries that I might suffer while on property owned or rented by

            any TimeBank member and waive any claim against that member.

_____I agree that if I use my personal vehicle in rendering volunteer service through the Taney County TimeBank, I

            will, in accordance with Missouri law, arrange to keep in effect adequate and legal automobile liability

            insurance covering bodily injury and property damage.

_____ I agree that I will accept no monetary payment for services, or no monetary reimbursement for driving with the   

            Transportation Program as a Timebank driver (other than money for gas of personal vehicle, pre-arranged).

_____ I understand and agree that I must hold all member health care and personal information in confidence and that

            intentional or involuntary violation of that confidentiality may result in disciplinary action which could include

            dismissal from the program.

_____ I have completed Taney County Time Bank orientation.  I have read and understand the information in the Taney County Time

            Bank member position description and the information as stated in the Taney County Time Bank Handbook; I agree to abide

            by its contents as well as other forms (documents) I am required to complete before starting service and any other forms

            required by TCTB.  I understand that the Taney County Time Bank Handbook is subject to periodic revisions. 

_____I understand that failure to abide by the Taney County Time Bank member position description, the contents of the Taney

           County Time Bank Handbook and other required forms would be cause for my dismissal from participation in Taney County

           Time Bank.

____ I have read this document and the handbook and understand the contents. I certify that the information given on this form and

          the application is accurate to the best of my knowledge.